Course programme

Salsa in Bern

The Salsa dance school muévete offers Salsa courses in Bern for beginners and advanced in Salsa Cubana, Rueda de Casino, Lady Styling, Son and Bachata.

If you need help with your placement or would like to take a trial lesson, we will be happy to advise you. Just send us a short e-mail. You can also register for an already running course. The courses take place in the dance hall at Mühlenplatz 11 in Berne and last 55 minutes each.

*Prices: N = normal price for the whole course per person, M = price for members of the Salsaclub, S = price for pupils and students

Important note to all dance students:

The muévete dance school hereby informs all course participants of the possibility of falling below the minimum distance of two metres in courses and locations.
We further inform all students that contact details will be collected from all course participants and that if there is a COVID-19 sufferer in their course, they may be quarantined.

Please note that in the entire building, in the lift and in the entrance area of the dance school, it is now compulsory to wear a mask. The mask must be worn until the beginning of the course and when leaving the course room.

Covid contact information for students of the dance school muévete

  • Contact Tracing Team of the Canton of Bern: 0800 634 634
  • Infoline Federal Office of Public Health FOPH: 058 463 00 00 
  • dance school at
  • Your dance teacher via SMS/WhatsApp
Current weekly courses

Our current Salsa course program


Future weekly courses from 12 October

Our future Salsa course program

Here you will find the course programme for the next quarter starting 12 October. You are also welcome to have a look at a currently running course.

Salsa beginner courses

Learn to dance Salsa with the experts of Salsa Cubana

In our beginner courses you learn the solid basis of salsa dancing. Our experienced teachers attach great importance to a thorough and well-founded dance training for you. Here you can find our current weekly courses.


lady styling

Lady Styling Estilo Yanieri

Lady Styling is the ideal training for all women who want to work on their dancing skills and expression. You learn step combinations and movements which you can integrate in couple dancing. The Lady Styling courses with Yanieri have been very popular for years.

Private lessons

You are welcome to book private lessons with our dance teachers. The costs for 60 minutes single or couple are CHF 100.

Please send your enquiries to, stating your possible dates and desired dance teacher.

Valid corona protection concepts FAQ's and behaviour

The most important information about teaching

Here you can find the current protection concept of the dance school muévete.

Our behaviour

  • No welcome rituals (kissing, hugging)!
  • Please check your contact details on the course list on the first course evening. This must include your full address, a telephone number where you can be reached and a valid email address.
  • Please report all absences from the course by e-mail to so that we can keep the attendance lists up to date.
  • Disinfect hands at the beginning and end of the course.
  • At Mühlenplatz 11, masks are compulsory for everyone up to the course room and vice versa.
  • Wearing masks in the course is voluntary. But you are welcome to try it out and see if it fits for you!
  • At the moment, changing partners and Rueda forms are not announced in class. Stays in stable couples whenever possible.
  • The courses last exactly 55 minutes.
  • Please leave the course room immediately after the course ends.
  • Even with only slight flu or COVID typical symptoms you are not allowed to participate in the course. When in doubt, stay at home!
  • Behaviour according to the FOPH: procedure in case of symptoms and possible infection. Here you can find the link to the corresponding behaviour.
  • Please inform us immediately (your teacher by phone/SMS/WhatsApp and if you suspect a COVID infection or a confirmed infection and tell us the exact date of the first symptoms. Your report will be treated with absolute confidentiality.
  • Keep as much distance as possible between you in the courses.
  • We welcome the use of the FOPH's COVID app.


  • When may I not participate in a course?
    • For flu symptoms and the known Covid symptoms, even for mild such symptoms.
    • If close contact with an infected person is suspected.
    • A pending or positive covid test.
  • Who should I inform?
    • Your teacher by phone or SMS/WhatsApp.
    • The course administration by email at
  • From when can I take part in the course again in case of an infection?
    • After the end of the ordered quarantine or self-isolation.
  • Am I entitled to a refund in this case?
    • According to the terms and conditions of the dance school, the missed performance will be made up immediately or compensated by an equivalent performance.
  • Do I have to wear a mask in class?
    • Currently, wearing a mask in dance classes is voluntary and self-responsible.
    • In the entire access area of the dance school up to the classrooms, masks are compulsory.
    • The management may, at its own discretion, order the wearing of masks in the courses.
  • In the event of an officially ordered closure of the dance school in connection with the Covid pandemic, am I entitled to a refund or credit for cancelled lessons to future quarters?
    • According to the terms and conditions of the dance school, the missed performance will be made up immediately or compensated by an equivalent performance.
AGB's and information about the courses

Course Participation

You can also register for our courses without a partner. If necessary, we can organise a temporary helper.
We recommend comfortable clothing and comfortable flat shoes.
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.
The general terms and conditions of the dance school apply muévete Ltd.


If you have any questions regarding the course programme and levels, please contact us by e-mail.

Prices & Conditions

Payment of the course fee is made exclusively in cash on the first day of the course. Exceptionally, payment can also be made on the second day of the course. The general terms and conditions apply to every course registration. The prices for a course or a workshop are usually 20.-/h with discounts for the members of the Salsa Club muévete and for pupils and students.


The courses take place every Monday to Friday in the dance hall at Mühlenplatz 11 in Berne and are reorganized quarterly. The individual courses build on the previous level and thus ensure a continuous development of the steps, turns and figures learned.
The holidays of the dance school are based on the holiday calendar of the city of Bern (except the sports week), the exact dates can be found here.

Course location

The course location of the dance school is in the Mattequartier in Bern at Mühlenplatz 11 on the 5th floor. There are parking spaces in front of the building and also at the Klösterlistutz. The best way to reach us by public transport is to take bus number 12 from Bern main station in the direction of Paul Klee to the Nydegg stop (15 min.).

School Management

Yanieri Martínez López is a passionate Salsera from Havana where she has danced since childhood. She has been living in Switzerland for several years and has been teaching salsa classes at salsa dance schools in Bern, Aarau, Basel and Zurich for many years. Her unmistakable style and her lightness and grace have already enchanted many dancers. Her speciality is certainly the famous Lady Styling Estilo Yanieri.

Arnaldo Rippes Passionate Salsero from Havana, lives in Switzerland since 1998. He graduated in psychology and education at the University of Havana. With a lot of experience, a structured structure and a lot of humour he teaches us the approach to salsa dancing. His agility, quick comprehension and sense for combinations enable him to always bring something new into his salsa classes. Arnaldo also teaches at international congresses and festivals.