Salsa dance school & team

Salsa en familia!

For more than 20 years the Salsa Club muévete and the dance school muévete as the oldest and most experienced dance school in Bern, regularly offers courses around the authentic Salsa Cubana.

A familiar, informal atmosphere, the joy of dancing and a high quality standard of the salsa courses are of the highest priority for us. Our program focuses on the authentic Cuban dances and on teaching the background, history, meaning and the connection between dance and music.


Yanieri Martínez
Managing Director & Dance Teacher

Yanieri is a passionate Salsera from Havana, where she has been dancing since childhood. With her unmistakable style, lightness and grace she enchants everyone.

Arnaldo ribs
Manager & Dance Teacher

Arnaldo is a dedicated Salsero from Cuba. With his great experience, a structured structure and a lot of humour he teaches us the dance steps and figures of the dance.

Nora Lehmann
dance teacher

Her heart beats especially for the Salsa Cubana, which she teaches with much joy and patience. She has also trained in contemporary dance, rumba and Afro-Cuban dances.

Natalia & Stefan
Dance Teacher

Natalia & Stefan are experienced and enthusiastic dancers who have been teaching the different styles of Salsa together for years. With a lot of fun and engagement they teach Salsa and Bachata on all levels.

Raphael Diethelm
Dance Teacher

With great enthusiasm Raphael has become infatuated with the world of Latin American dances. He has rhythm in his blood and infects his environment with his good mood. His motto: "Be nice and sexy blibe".

Nestor Pena Lopez
Dance teacher

Enthusiastic Salsero who teaches with a lot of wit and French charm. Nestor has identified himself especially with Salsa Cubana and teaches this style with much enthusiasm and joy.