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Salsa dancing in Bern with the experts of Salsa Cubana

The dance school muévete under the direction of the two Cuban dance teachers Yanieri Martínez and Arnaldo Rippes has been the first address for authentic Salsa Cubana for years. A familiar, casual atmosphere, joy of dancing and a high quality standard of the salsa classes are our top priority.

Salsa in Bern

Salsa Cubana

In the Salsa Cubana you dance with flowing movements circularly around your partner, playfully, rhythmically, dynamically and with a lot of passion. In our courses we teach you the authentic Cuban Salsa.

Salsa in Bern

Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino is a group dance from Cuba in which the couples form a circle and dance the same figure synchronously to the commands of the Cantantes, the announcer, constantly changing partners. Basic Salsa knowledge is a prerequisite and fun is guaranteed! 

Son Cubano

Son was created by combining Afro-Cuban drum rhythms with the guitar music of Spanish farmers and is considered the forerunner of Salsa. It is danced "contratiempo". In the Son courses, the speciality of this rhythm and the elegance of this traditional dance is taught.


Originally from the Dominican Republic, Bachata is considered the most romantic of all Caribbean dances. Since a few years Bachata is also very popular in Europe and a fixed part of all salsa parties.

lady styling

Lady Styling is the ideal training for all women who want to work on their dancing skills and expression. You learn step combinations and movements which you can integrate in couple dancing.

body movements

In Body Movements courses you learn to move your shoulders, chest, arms, hips and legs independently and to make your movements more fluid through isolation exercises.