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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kursadministration und Information zu Kursen

Alle Fragen rund um das Kursprogramm
E-Mail Kursadministration

Kontaktinformationen Reisen, Anlässe


Alle Fragen zu Reisen, Anlässen und zur Salsawoche
Teresa Schmid Tel: 031 333 32 89 E-Mail Teresa


Fragen zur Mitgliedschaft im Salsa Club
Brigitte Stämpfli E-Mail Brigitte

When is the membership in the club valid from?

The membership is valid from the receipt of the membership fee for the respective calendar year (January - December). For payments made in December, membership is valid from 1 January of the following year.

Lost your ID?
No problem. Send us in E-mail with your information. We'll send you a replacement.

What do the dance class levels mean?

Beginner 1
Without previous knowledge
Beginner 2
Prior knowledge: Basic step, simple turns or attended A1
Beginner 3
Prior knowledge: Basic step, basic turns, good safety in basic step or attended A2
Intermediate level 1
Safety in the basic step, mastery and guidance of simple turns
Intermediate level 2
Mastery of continuing rotations
Intermediate level 3
Good basic knowledge, mastery of more complicated turns, first experiences of rueda
Advanced 1
Good intermediate level knowledge, mastery of more complicated turns and basics of Rueda
Advanced 2
After attended dance course F1 or by arrangement
Advanced 3
After attended dance course F2 or by arrangement
Great experience, complicated combinations and fast rueda experience

Changes of address

If you want to change your contact information, please use the form below to let us know.


You can order vouchers by e-mail to kurse@muevete.ch, stating the beneficiary and the desired amount. muévete deposit. We will send you the voucher by e-mail as a PDF. It is valid for two years.

Dance School muévete Berne Ltd
UBS AG, Berne
IBAN: CH75 0023 5235 7108 6301 V
Note: Name of the beneficiary

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